Internet Marketing

last modified: 11 May 2010
page manager: Barb Quinter

Your business strategies and marketing goals drive your web site.  Your web site is built with four components—the look, the content, the navigation flow, and the technology driving the pages.  Waterfall Web Solutions software integrates your company’s brand image, logo and product descriptions to optimize communication with your customers.  And don't forget to promote your web site on all your business collateral publications.  Encourage first and repeat customer visits to view new information as it is posted! 

Strategy and Goals
Developing a web site from a clean sheet of paper can be a bit overwhelming.  Together, we will determine how you want your web site to support your company’s overall strategies.  We will lead you through the development process to create dynamic product and services information at a fraction of the cost of dated printed collateral. 

A creative design is based on your company’s market, brand and products or services.   Waterfall Web Solutions web site software allows you easily create your web site design matching it with existing logos, brochure copy, and other previously printed information.  OR, we can create from scratch your company image based on your business needs. 

Content and Copy Writing
Whether basing your web site content on existing materials or creating new and exciting information, your imagination and creativity is unlimited.  We work with you to develop the words and images that grab the attention of your web visitors and clearly communicate your company’s product and services through to-the-point, concise, and informative content.  

You may also consider posting:
•  Links to industry related web sites
•  Frequently Asked  Questions (FAQs)
•  Press releases, newspaper articles, customer testimonials
•  Newsletters
•  Events and Promotions (special limited time offers, coupons, etc.)
•  Email Marketing
Technology-Driven Navigation Flow
It’s important to create your web site with “visitor appeal”.  From choosing your web site name, posting the content, to measuring your visitor traffic, Waterfall software provides the technology foundation.  The content management template allows you to easily create intuitive navigation between pages and easy-to-find content.  And as your dynamic market changes, Waterfall web software provides you with the flexibility to recreate and reposition your messages instantly by permission-based updating from any PC.

Your web site and web-based communications are key to growing your business.  Reporting of your web site usage statistics (example: number of visitors) provide you with a measure of the effectiveness of your web site. 

We are here to assist you integrate your Waterfall web site into your strategic and marketing plans.   Whether you provide and enter the content or we create if for you, Waterfall Web Solutions offers a wide range of options to help you establish the best customer focused web interface.

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