Customized Solutions

last modified: 6 May 2010
page manager: Barb Quinter

For businesses that require application solutions beyond what "out-of-the-box" software can provide, Waterfall Web Solutions can apply web-based technology to create custom software that will...

  • Automate your processes and increase efficiencies
  • Integrate our software with existing databases or other online applications--payment software (such as Pay Pal) or scheduling software (appointments or sports team schedules)
  • Collect and report web site visitor and frequency information
  • Create collaborative work spaces with discussion threads, file repositories, databases
  • Establish unique supplier specific pages
  • Construct unique customer specific interface for ordering, customer specific product offerings, customer databases
  • Provide overall information and data collection
  • OR...What are your needs for innovative and unique web-based functionality or technology enhancements? 

As web-based applications become essential for running your business, Waterfall Web Solutions will work with you to achieve your strategic goals through web solutions integrated into your business processes.   


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